Here you can find courses and one-off sessions in traditional arts and crafts for individuals and groups.


You can find a range of events that we either attend or promote, which will be of interest to you!


Here, you can find a range of tasty, freshly prepared food including, Soups, Cakes, Paninis, Teas & Coffees…

Want to Learn ?

You can experience our renowned Workshop Sessions which are run during the week, during term-time and during holiday periods.

You can choose the ideal course that suits your skills and interest from our Workshop page. Some of our Workshops have included:


Men’s Shed: A place of leisure where men come together to work, where members can share the tools and resources to work on their own projects

Open Workshops: These are open to all, offering many of our own activities or, if you prefer, to work on a project of your own.

Home Schooling: Our tutor will be on hand for you to make use of our tools and expertise, introducing you to a range of crafts on offer.

What If: How to fix things that might happen in your home, such as leaking taps, faulty lights and fittings etc. Learning to use tools safely.

Art: How to use a variety of media in order to develop your creative talent. Benefit from expert advice & guidance.

Copperwork: Traditional copper beating and sculpture. Work with this fantastic material to create any number of practical objects and decorative items.

English Long Bows: Make a traditional English longbow over a weekend!

Stained Glass: Work in glass to create beautiful window hangings, boxes or a terrarium.

Woodwork: One of the most rewarding and versatile of crafts. If it’s make of wood the only limitation is your imagination.

Jewellery: Use your creativity to come and make rings, chains, set stones or anything you can imagine!

Wedding Rings: Make each other’s wedding rings! You will be guided through the process where you leave with completely unique wedding rings made by each other.

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